Centrifugal fans, Dynamic blades adjustable axial blower, Static blades adjustable axial blower, Mines exhaust fans. These items are extensively being exported for various applications such as for power generation, building materials, Coal industry, Chemical industry, Metallurgical industries, Environment protection, Industrial fans etc.
  • Blast furnace spares(Bell Less Top BLT, Stock Rod, Stock Rod Motors, Stock Rod Reducer, Valve, Gear, BF Blowers D1800, Blowers rotor, Motors, Air filter, Diaphragms, Bearing, Sealing, Impeller, Oil Seal, Oil Gas Meter, Gear boxes, pump and valves)
  • BF Pulverized Coal Injection system (It is used to blow inject the pulverized anthracite, Pulverized bituminous coal or mixed powder in to the BF inside via tuyeres directly, Pulverised coal can be used instead of coke as the reducer and supply the calorie to the BF)
  • BLT Spares (Full assembly alpha and beta angle drive, Valve plates, Sealing rubber of alpha and beta angle drive, Main gear, grease distributor, Hydraulic Cylinder, Gasket, Bushes)
  • Sinter plant (ID fan type straight-line sintering machine 18m2 – 300m2, PLC automatic control system, light disc feeder, Heavy disc feeder, Magnetite and Hematite roasting machine, Gear drive cylinder mixer, Single roller crusher (for big hot sintering ore in to suitable size, Four roller crusher (for coal and coke crushing), Water sealed chain-driving machine)
  • Beneficiation plant (Wet dry checker type Ball mill, used in grinding all kind of medium hardness ore and other materials, Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Miner stirred tank, Floating machine, Vibrating screen machine, High weir spiral classifier, Centre drive thickener)
  • Hammer crusher (Brittle crushed materials like limestone, coal, feldspar, plaster aggregate and so on)
  • Double Roller crusher (beneficiation, chemicals, cement industry, building materials etc)
  • Air blast linear cooler, Air blast annular cooler (suitable for cooling equipments after sintering process)
  • Pellet Equipments (Disc Pelletizer, Drum dryer, Damp mill (Damp mills used to moist milling iron) Grate (grate is used to dry and preheat of green-ball)
  • Shaft Furnace (This shaft furnace is used for roasting pellet)
  • Kiln (metallurgical chemical kiln, cement kiln, lime kiln etc.)
  • Steel making (Converter, Mixer furnace, Billet continuous casting machine)
  • Coking plant (Pusher machine for top charging coke and coal charging)
  • Quenching car (it receives the red coke from coking chamber to quenching tower, and then sends red coke to the quenching ramp)
  • Cooling fan and its spares (centrifugal, axial ventilation fan
  • Blowers (centrifugal)
  • HT Motors/LT Motors
  • Electrical spares for crane (Relay, Conductor, Actuators, Master Controllers, Resistance box, current collectors)
  • Material Handling equipment’s (Overhead cranes, Single and Double girder travelling crane, Gantry, Slag pot, Slag pot carrier, Conveyor belts, OTR tyres)
  • Desulphurizing Plant
  • Environment protection (Electric Precipitator for pollution control, dust control, smoke and gas protection)
  • Hot dip continuous galvanizing (Galvaluming) production line
  • Structural parts for Hot Dip Galvanizing line
  • Color coating line, Acid pickling line
  • Acid regenerating plant
  • Steel strip degreasing production line
  • Cold rolling mill
  • Annealing line
  • Tension leveler machine, Plate leveler, roll leveler
  • Temper rolling line, Electro Tinning line
  • Roller shear, Circle shear, Hydraulic cutter
  • Guide roll, Pinch roll


  • Billet casting machine
  • Aluminium pot demolishing machine 
  • Aluminium chips briquetting machine
  • Cathode handling crane
Rotary kilns

Solar power panels

  1. Work Rolls
  2. Rollers guide
  3. Copper Mould Tube
  4. Wire straightening and cut to length machine

We supply complete set of machineries including accessories necessary for Hot Zone & Cold Zone operation. Diameter DN80 to DN1200

  • Centrifugal casting machine (CCM)
  • Annealing Furnace
  • Cement & Mortar lining
  • Finishing line
  • Bitumen coating
  • Stenciling
  • Bundling & Packaging line
  1. Cutter suction dredger
  2. Tugboats

We have strong tie-ups with Chinese leading manufacturers to sell their machineries for various applications in international market. However, we totally work based on customer’s specific requirements. Our scope of supply includes supplying equipments and spares with necessary support for erection and commissioning at customer’s site.