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SRPL has a strategic partnership with Fangda, one of the largest manufacturers of Comprehensive Carbon product to offer high-quality Graphite electrodes.

The products are the main heating element used in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), a steelmaking process where iron scrap is melted to produce new steel. They are presently the only products available that have the high levels of electrical conductivity and the capability of sustaining the extremely high levels of heat generated in EAF. Graphite electrodes are also used to refine steel in ladle furnaces and in other smelting processes.

The company’s product are in four major series:

  1. The First series are RP, HP, SHP, and UHP graphite electrodes and anti-oxidant impregnated graphite electrodes in all specifications;
  2. The Second series is a new type of carbon material with excellent chemical resistance and excellent oxidation resistance and high-temperature stability of coarse graphite;
  3. The Third series is comprised of isotropic high density, high-strength, and high-purity graphite in all specifications;
  4. The fourth series includes non-standard graphite products used in graphite chemical equipment and mechanical machining as well as all kinds of irregular-shape carbon products and graphite processed products, etc.

Annual Output: 75,000 tons for graphite electrodes & 20,000 tons for isotropic high-purity graphite.

Our company has advance technique, optimal testing means and superior quality products and has been authorized with ISO9001:2000 Quality system Attestation.



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