Slag removal system (De-Slagging) from molten steel – It is useful in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, and efficiency of work
1. Energy saving
It shorten the holding time of molten steel caused by slag in the furnace and greatly reduce the power consumption. Suppose 8 tons of furnace as an example generally artificial slag takes 13 minutes, while the mechanical slag takes only 3 minutes, so each furnace can save 10 minutes time.
2. Environmental protection
The whole set of equipment uses compressed air as the power source, no noise and no pollution. Due to the reduction in the amount of slag removal agent, the environmental pollution of exhaust gas and harmful substances is greatly reduced.
3. Security
The equipment is installed and arranged reasonably so as to adopts the compressed air power and has no safety hazard. It adopts high-altitude cantilever structure to make the working space around the furnace wide and reduce the safety hazard caused by defects. The staff only needs to stay away from the high temperature furnace mouth and operate by remote control. It avoids the various dangers caused by the close-range slag, effectively protects the personal safety of the workers, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers.
4, Efficient
a. The technical quality requirements for the operational area are reduced, and only one person per shift can be used to reduce the number of furnaces.
b. Do not use the equipment slag.
c. The mechanical gripper adopts special process design. In the process of slag removal, the action of leaching and squeezing molten iron is increased, and the molten iron is effectively taken out with the slag. Through the calculation of the operation site, the ordinary scrap steel 8 ton furnace is used, and the average slag is manually slag. The amount of waste slag is generally around 220KG, and the mechanical slag is about 200KG, which means that the mechanical slag molten iron flows out with 20KG less slag, which reduces the waste of slag water.
d. As the slag removal time is shortened, the number of smelting increases, so the production efficiency increases.




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