We are having strong tie-ups with Chinese manufacturers to promote their business in international markets. In order to increase their market share we take all responsibilities of sales and marketing. For that Chinese producers have given us full rights to deal with limited clients.

We generally go to choose customers for their annual requirements and supplying high quality materials from China.

Key Industries where we are involved are Aluminium smelters, Iron & Steel, Cement, Power, Ductile Iron Pipe, Copper, Glass and Coal washery projects. 

China being the manufacturing hub for metallurgical items we provide materials from top rated manufactures who have huge list of user reference.

Modus operandi gets decided by us based on customers comfort and policy. Sometimes, we directly supply to end-user OR manufacturer.

Before we go for signing any new contracts we keep transparency and like our clients to visit our manufacturing base located in China. Once, they feel confident we start with trial lots to minimize the risks. If trial gets successful we go for annual contract.

In our cases we proudly say we never failed in any trial so far. So, this is a big achievements for us hence we paving the path of success.

You would appreciate to know that we are getting repeat orders from all to whom we have supplied any items. It means our ability is sustainable for further growth of any company.

During the entire process of supply chain we strictly follow the procedures to align customers expectations.

Key areas for successful operations as follows:-

1. Manufacturing facilities must have an international standard of qualifications certified by reputed agency as per industry norms. ISO, OHSAS and GB Chinese std. are must.
2. Preferably should have In-house raw materials processing plant. No compromise in quality.
3. Before shipment, we suggest our clients to  nominate 3rd party inspection in our premises to avoid any risks.
4. Time to time we inform our clients about new technology for cost reduction and better performance.
5. Packing of cargoes carefully checked by our team to ensure that consigned cargoes must reach final destination in good condition.
6. We suggest economical and reliable method of packaging in view of cost reduction.
7. Logistics plays an important role for timely delivery of goods. So, we always choose direct vessel who have direct transit plan up to destination port. However, customers are free to appoint their forwarders for FOB terms.

8. Our logistics partner have many years of experience who takes care cargo handling right from the origin to destination using an integrated supply chain management system.
9.  Presently, we are handling various capacities of cargoes BULK/Containerzed/FCL/LCL etc.
10. Custom clearance of cargoes at destination and onward movement by rail or road up to final destination can also be organised as per customer’s requirements. So, we discuss the Incoterm before finalising any contract and we act accordingly.
11. If customer need a help for commissioning and erection of new equipments, machineries, or project related items, we do arrange at customers’s cost.

Presently, we are dealing with various clients across the globe for their annual requirements. Key items are basic raw materials, consumables, refractories, machineries and critical spares etc. Our products are economical because our manufacturing units are located adjacent to source of raw materials and seaports.