Alumina ball


Filtration Media for Deep Bed Filter

  1. 描述


阿尔法氧化铝(刚玉)球是在3704°F(2040°C)熔点温度下,通过烧结球化煅烧氧化铝而制成的。这些板状氧化铝球然后被粉碎,分级或筛选,磨成尺寸均匀砾粒。原料粉的粒度绝对要控制在要求范围内,并且添加特殊成膜添加剂。否则刚玉砂不会对金属液体的渣滓进行吸附。过滤介质分为1XXX,3XXX,8XXX;2XXX,7XXX;5XXX,6XXX;高纯铝专用等4 大种类。每种介质的成膜添加剂有所不同,主要根据合金的性质进行配方调整。

Spherical balls of alpha-alumina (corundum) is produced by sintering ball-formed calcined alumina at a temperature just under the 3704°F (2040°C) fusion point of aluminum oxide.These tabular alumina balls are then crushed, graded or screened, and ground to a wide range of granule. The powder size must be controlled in good condition, meanwhile adding special film formation additive . Otherwise, the corundum gravel can not absorb the particle from liquid metal. There are four kinds of filtration media: . 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX;2XXX,7XXX;5XXX,6XXX;High purity aluminium. The Film formation additive is different.

  1. 产品用途

Product Use


Deep bed filtration of molten aluminum or steel filtration

  1. 材料特性

Material Characteristics


Inert to molten aluminum Dust Free。Does not leach soda upon immersion in molten aluminum Sphere or ball shape should be uniform.

  1. 优势



Good resistance to thermal and mechanical shock; Excellent abrasion resistance

  1. 外观


白色结晶砂砾或球。取决于客户要求,球的直径从1/8 英寸到2 英寸不等(公差± 6% mm);

砂砾尺寸:1-18mm 不等。

White crystalline gravel or ball. Depending on requirements, ball sizes are produced from 1/8 to 2 inch (tolerance ± 6% mm); Gravel size: 1-18mm


  1. 产品参数

Product Details


Chemical Purity (Typical) 99.7% Al2O3; 99.5% Al2O3 ; 99.3% Al2O3 ; 99% Al2O3
Fines Specification 0.2 wt% max < 250 microns in any 5kg sample
Grain Size and Shape Specification max average grain size: 0.5 mm
Chemical Inertness Resistant to most alkali and mineral acids
Film formation additive Add required additive when using for liquid aluminum filtration
Thermal Conductivity 100°C 0.069 cal / sec cm°C
Heat Capacity (Al2O3) cal/g°C 0.245 @ 215°C; 0.294 @ 725°C; 0.302 @ 1,025 °C
Bulk Specific Gravity > 3.55
Apparent Porosity 1–5%
Water Absorption 0.1–5%
Melting Temperature 3704°F (2040°C)
Maximum Use Temperature, (°C) 1900
UOP Thermal and pressure Shock Resistance Passed
Surface Area < 0.7 m3/g
Operating Environment Continuous immersion Al 5% Mg at 750 c;
Refractoriness SK Min 35 @ 3254º (1790º)

度(Purity (Typical) 99.5% Al2O3 ; 99.3% Al2O3 ; 99% Al2O3 95% Al2O3; 92% Al2O3