Sinomet offers in collaboration with Chinese EPC contractor for Power transmission, Power transformation and Power generation contract including sub-station projects. Scope of supply are equipments,  design, electrical automation, hydraulic projects, metallurgical engineering etc.

Key products are mainly in 5 category:-

1. Reactive power compensation (SVC, TCR,MCR,TSC,SVG,TBB,FC), Arc suppression coil, power capacitor, reactor etc.

2. Switches:- GIS, Circuit breaker, Isolating switch, Load switch etc.

3. Transformer:- Mutual Inductor, transformer etc.

4. Switchgear:- Switch cabinet, cabinet transformer, ring network, cabinet etc.

5. Wire & cables:- Control cable, Power cables etc.


Key equipments for power transmission and distribution line we used to supply from China. For this we have strong partnership with China's leading company who have vast experience in execution of EPC projects world-wide. Our associated company have executed more than 100 projects in mainland china and 60 more countries across the globe. We are able to supply power transmission and distribution line equipments upto 550KV. Type of power plants where we are involved in supplying equipments and spares are as under.

1. Thermal / Coal-fired power plant
2. Hydro power plant
3. Solar energy
 NOTE - Sinomet also offers high calorific value Australian origin thermal coal for coal-fired power plant which has low volatile matter. for enquiry please write us. Click here for details

Entire solution for Power Transmission & Distribution line



  1. Power control devices
  2. SVC/SVG Var compensation
  3. TCR – Thyristor controlled reactor (indoor/outdoor 6kV ~72.5kV)
  4. MCR – Magnetic controlled reactor (indoor/outdoor 6kV ~ 270kV)
  5. TSC – Thyristor Switched capacitor (indoor/outdoor 6kV ~ 40.5kV)
  6. Statcom – SVG Static Var Generator (indoor 6kV ~ 40.5kV)
  7. Power cables
  8. Control cables


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