cathode SJH

Cathode Blocks

  • Capacity: 55000 tons/year
  • Certificates ISO9000, ISO14000, OHS18000.
  • 30%, 50%~100% Semi-Graphitic Cathode & Graphitized Cathode


36 Ring-Chamber Baking Furnaces with Self-controlled Temperature

The first set LWG (Lengthwise Graphitization) furnace in China

Five stations CNC line joint processing unit

Collector bar fitting with phosphorous pig iron casting

3 steps quality inspection before packing

3rd party inspection before dispatch




Aluminium Fluoride (ALF3)

Capacity: 280,000 tons/year

Anhydrous ALF3 (HBD)

Other products:-

  • High molecules synthetic cryolite
  • High purity Sodium fluoride
  • High purity Calcium fluoride
  • Battery grade Lithium Fluoride


Our plant is the member of international organization for standardization, ISO/TC226

• ISO9001:2000 质量
• ISO14001:2004 环境
• OHSAS18001:199 职业健康

LBD grade we also supply as per customer's requirements.

Packing: 750kgs, 1/1.2/1.5 tons jumbo bags. Small bags 15kgs/25kgs/50kgs bags

Pre-baked anodes

Prebaked Anodes

Capacity: 120,000 tons/year

Our anodes are well accepted by several smelters globally. Presently we are supplying 2700 tons per month.

End user : Aluminium smelter



Coaltar Pitch

Capacity: 150,000 tons/year

Our chemical products are generated through distillation of coal tar.

The company produces and sells carbon black oil, modified pitch, industrial naphthalene, light oil, dephenolized phenol oil, crude phenol, washing oil and other coal chemical products. Among them, carbon black oil, modified pitch and industrial naphthalene are the company’s leading products and are all high-quality products meeting world standards.

End user : Aluminium smelter, Cathode & Anode manufacturers, Graphite Electrode, Refractories etc.



CP Coke in bulk

Capacity: 600,000 tons /year

Two types of CP Coke:-

  1. High Sulfur CP Coke
  2. Low Sulfur

We supply both high and low sulphur CPC for anode making for electrolysis purpose. Major customers are from aluminium industries.

We are supplying bulk cargos ranging 15000 tons to 35000 tons by bulk carrier in one go.

However, we also manage to ship lesser volume cargoes in 20'/40' containers.

Packing: Loose cargo using balloon bags or 1/1.2/1.5MT Jumbo bags.

End user: Aluminium smelter having carbon plant, Iron & Steel etc.



Nitride bonded Sic blocks

Capacity: 60,000 tons /year

Two types of Sic blocks:-

  1. Nitride bonded Sic blocks
  2. Composite blocks

End-user: Aluminium smelter for Aluminium pots, Iron & Steel (BF), etc.

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Low cost excavator

Material handling equipments

Excavator, Payloader, Dumpers, Cranes etc.

Low cost high efficiency with guaranteed performance. Service & support easily available. Low operational cost and less expensive spares.  

Industrial Bearings

Leading brand - Having huge user reference list from domestic and international industries.

Annual Output: 150 million bearings in 10 categories Sales in more than 70 countries

Certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 ,OHSAS18001,AAR M-1003 & ISO/TS16949

25 individual factories with 180+ production lines offer you more than 10,000 bearing models covering 10 categories, with precision up to P2, size up to 13.5 meters OD.

Type of Bearings:-

  1. Auto bearing
  2. Ball bearing
  3. Railway bearing
  4. Extra large size bearing
  5. Precision bearing

Application area:-

  • Aerospace, Coal Energy, Construction Machinery, Environmental Protection, Equipment Industrial Gearbox, Metallurgical Industry, Paper Machinery, Precision Machinery, Railway, Textile Machinery, Wind Energy, Agriculture, Commercial Vehicle, Electric Motor & Generator, Food Machinery, Industrial Pump, Medical & Health Care, Mining, Mineral Processing,  Cement plant,  Passenger Vehicle, Printing, Machine, Solar Energy, Two Wheelers



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