A typical Aluminium pot

Aluminium Pot observation which is to be relined with advanced technology for better service life & energy saving.

Aluminium pot means where liquid aluminium gets produced using electrolysis method. Basic functioning needs alumina, carbon anodes and electrical current and some flux and bath materials for electrolysis process. To complete this process it must have a series of pots under one or many buildings called Pot rooms.  Aluminium Pots (bottom) lined with cathode blocks and a cell is connected with the anodes. Normally, service life of pots depend on the life of cathodes which resists up to 2000-3000 days if everything goes well. After completing the service life all pots need to be relined with new pot lining materials which we supply to our clients with total satisfaction.

Key items are Cathode and anodes for the potroom. Anodes are made calcined petroleum coke, pitch and recycled butts. Alumina is transferred from the main smelter silos to the potroom usually by conveyors. ​






Note :- Cathode collector bar can also be supplied separately or fitted with Cathode blocks




  • Refractories & Castables

(a) Anode baking furnace

(b) Melting and Holding furnace

      • Insulating bricks
      • Mortars
      • High Alumina bricks
      • Castables








Alloying materials are available in various shapes and sizes such as tablets, mini-tablets, flakes, granules and powders. 

These materials are widely used for production of primary and secondary aluminum and charged directly into liquid aluminum during melting process. We supply as per customers specific requirements. 

  • Magnesium metal (ingot)
Mg metal is a one-third less dense than aluminium. It improves the mechanical, fabrication and welding characteristics of aluminium when used as an alloying agent for various applications.
  • Silicon metal
      • Grade 2202
      • Grade 553

  • Insulating Materials
      • Ceramic Fiber board
      • Calcium Silicate board

      • Pot Hood Insulation board
      • Insulation board for Bus bar
      • Insulation ladder
      • ‘U’ shape insulation plate
      • Insulation for radiator baffle

We provide world class pot room insulation material which is widely being used by many smelters globally. 

  • Material: Epoxy
  • Martin Temp: 150 degC
  • Bending strength: 120 MPa
  • Density: 1.44g/cc
  • Surface withstand voltage: 5Kv

All sorts of Insulation products
Busbar Insulation board
Ladder Insulation
Insulation plate for Radiator baffle



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