Aluminium Fluoride

Molecular Formula:AlF3, Molecular Weight:83.97, CAS No.:7784-18-1

The AlF3 is an off-white,  free-flowing granular material, insoluble in most organic and inorganic  liquids at room temperatures. It is slightly soluble in water (0.56 g/100 ml), The chemical property is very steady.

Applications:  it can lower the smelting temperature, increase electricity  conductivity and adjust the molecular ratio during aluminum  electrolyzing. It is propitious to the aluminum oxide electrolyte and  reduces the energy consumption during the smelting.  It  essentially lowers the melting points and increase the conductivity of  electrolyte, reducing the electric power consumption. It is also used as  the flux of the non-iron metal etc.

Packing: in 25kgs or 50kgs PP bags or multiply paper bags, or 1000kgs-1500kgs jumbo bags, or according to customer’s requirement.


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