Products for Iron & Steel

We offer all types of Refractory bricks and castables for various applications used in Iron & Steel plants. These products are well recognised by many users because of its excellent chemical and physical properties which reaches the preset criteria of service life and heat guarantee as per customer’s expectation. Please refer application wise details from the respective pages.

(A) Iron Making Refractories

1. Blast Furnace

      • Silicon Nitrite Bonded SiC bricks
      • Sialon bonded Sic bricks
      • Fireclay and High Alumina bricks
      • Alumina Carbon, Corundum and Mullite bricks
      • Tap Hole Clay (Mud gun mass)
      • Trough Mixes, Trough Castable
      • Micropore Corundum bricks (Ceramic Cups)
      • Microporous Carbon and Graphite Blocks
      • Ramming Mixes
2. Coke Oven

      • Silica and Semi Silica (Quarry) bricks
      • Insulating bricks, Fireclay bricks
      • Mullite, Mullite-Sic bricks
      • Ceramic Fiber boards
3. Hot Blast Stove

      • Silica bricks
      • Fireclay bricks
      • Andalusite bricks
      • Low creep Alumina and Fireclay bricks
4. Hot Metal Transfer Ladle (Torpedo Ladle)

      • Alumina Silicon Carbide Carbon bricks (ASC bricks)
      • Fireclay and Mullite bricks
      • Castables
(B) Primary Steel Making Refractories

1. BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace)

      • Magnesia Carbon MgO-C Resin bonded bricks for Upper cone, Lower cone, Barrel
      • MgO-C bricks for Tap Hole region, Safety Lining, Impact zone, Charge pad region etc.
      • Gunning Mixes
      • Castables and Mortars
2. EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)

      • Resin Bonded Magnesia Carbon bricks for Metal Lining, Slag Lining
      • Safety Lining bricks
      • High Alumina bricks for roofs
      • EAF Mixes / Gunning Mixes
      • EAF Pre-cast Delta
(C) Secondary Steel Making Refractories

1. Ladle Refining Furnace & Steel Teeming Ladle

      • Magnesia Carbon Refractories For Working Lining
      • Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks For Metal Zone, Impact Pad & Bottom
      • High Alumina & Chrome Mag For Safety Lining Bricks
      • High Alumina Low Cement Castables
      • Precast Shapes Of Ladle Bottom And Well Blocks
      • Porous Plugs And Seating Blocks
      • Nozzle Filling Compound
      • Ladle Covering Compound
2. RH Degasser (RHD)

      • Magnesia Chrome bricks
      • Corundum Spinel Castable
      • Upper vessel, Lower vessel, Snorkel bricks
(C) Flow Control Refractories /Tundish Refractories

      • Slide Gate Refractories
      • Nozzles
      • Well Blocks
      • Tundish Slide Gate Refractories
      • Backup lining (Castables/bricks)
      • Working Lining (Spraying mass/Dry-vibrator)
      • Ladle shrouds
      • Well Blocks
      • Stoppers
      • Insulating boards
      • Tundish Covering Powder
      • Flux agents

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Graphite electrodes are used in steel making as a heating element. Every ton of steel produced through electric arc furnace requires about 2 kg of graphite electrodes. We supply all grades of Graphite electrode used in EAF and LF for steel making. RP, HP and UHP Diameter ranging from 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600mm (8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24 inch) Learn more>>


We offer all grade of Ferro Alloys for Steel plant and foundries.

Our main products are FeSi, SiMn, FeMn, FeSiZr, SiMnZr, FeSiBa, SiBaCa series etc. We offer as per customer’s specific requirements following their chemical composition and physical properties. Particle Size distribution and packing we adopt customers request. Normal packings are 50kg, 1000kgs bags and steel drum.

We offer all grades of metallurgical coke in various form directly from cokery in China to any destination in bulk. Our cokes being widely used by many renowned plants across the globe in iron & steel, ferro alloys and foundries.

Below is our standard specification of Metcoke. However, we also produce as per customer’s specific requirements.

Metallurgical coke (LAM Coke)

Technical Parameters Guaranteed Rejection Penalties


5%Max Total moisture beyond 5% will be deducted tonnage and value from commercial invoice
Ash ( DB)


12.5% 13.5% USD1/MT for each 1% beyond 12.5% FRACTIONS PRORATA
Volatile Matter ( DB)  1.5%Max 1.8% USD1/MT for each 0.1% beyond 1.5% FRACTIONS PRORATA
Sulphur ( DB)


0.65%max 0.75% USD1/MT for each 0.1% beyond 0.65% FRACTIONS PRORATA
Phosphorous 0.04% 0.05% USD1/MT for each 0.01% beyond 0.04% FRACTIONS PRORATA
M40 82% Min <80% USD1 for each 1% below 82%


M10 8% Max >10% USD1 for each 1% beyond 8%


CSR   64%min <62%  USD1/MT for each 1% below 64%FRACTIONS PRORATA .
CRI   26% max  >28% USD1/MT for each 1% beyond 26% FRACTIONS PRORATA .
SIZE 25mm-80mm 90% min
Technical Parameters Guaranteed Rejection Penalties
<25mm 5% Max >10% USD 1/MT for every 1% above 5%,fractions pro rata
>80mm 5% max >10% USD 1/MT for every 1% above 5%,fractions pro rata
Mean size 55 mm 45mm

If you have any enquiry, please write us with detail requirements.

Most coal mined is thermal coal (also called steam coal as it is used to make steam to generate electricity) but metallurgical coal (also called “metcoal” or “coking coal” as it is used to make coke to make iron) accounts for 10% to 15% of global coal use.

SinoMet offers Australian origin steam coal in bulk for power generation industries including Iron & steel, Aluminium, Power and Cement industries which has integrated plant. Our coal widely being used by many renowned plants which has high calorific value and low VM.

Below is our standard specification of Steam coal (Australian origin).

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