Rolling Mill Bearings

  • In 1959, the first extra-large rolling mill bearing 777/650 manufacturer in China
  • In 2006: Sinomet bearings matched with the 2150 CCDR strip line of Ansteel Group which is the most advanced equipment in China at that time, and Sinomet bearing service life reached the level of foreign import products.
  • In 2014, the largest split spherical roller bearing for Baosteel. Weight: 6021KGS. OD:1850mm.
  • In 2014, Series products were supplied to Baosteel, Zhanjiang project 2250 hot rolling line for localization within China.
  • In July 2014, Shell Ring Rolling Mill bearing with the most complex structure and the highest precision was delivered to the user, Sinomet is the unique manufacturer for such bearing in China. OD: 1.7 meters, H;1.9meter, Weight: 20tons
  • Production capacity 23,000 pcs per year, can produce various specifications, various precision grades, and special structure rolling mill bearings.