Company produced slewing bearing – 10940mm in 2014
  • The company has the expertise in design and manufacturing of various types and sizes of slewing bearings, processing diameters from 200mm to 13.5 meters, over 1500 varieties, accuracy P0, P6, and P5.
  • Drafted Formulated Slewing Bearings Industry-standard JB/T10471-2004
  • Slewing bearings produced by LYC successfully matched with ladle turret from 80T to 250T for many Steel Plants.
  • On Mar 24, 2014, the first split extra-large slewing bearing of China for offshore drilling platform in Vietnam. OD: 10.94 meters, weight 31.95 tons.


  • Cement Equipment
  • Wind Energy Power
  • Metallurgical Machine
  • Port Machine
  • Mine Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Shield Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Stacker & Reclaimer