• 20 years of processing experience in wind turbine bearing industry within China (Since 1997)
  • Drafted of Yaw, Pitch & Main bearing production standard in China
  • Offer full range products for wind turbine transmission from 600kw to 7mw
  • More than 13000 set yaw & pitch bearings operation freely in wind farm
  • Passed GL and CGC certification with safety and reliability at international level


  1. Yaw Bearing
  2. Pitch Bearing
  3. Main Shaft Bearing
  4. Generator Bearing
  5. Gearbox Bearing

Yaw Bearing
(1 pc)
Pitch Bearing
(3 pcs)
Main Shaft Bearing
(1-2 pcs)
Generator Bearing
(3 pcs)
Gearbox Bearing
(15-23 pcs)