Scenario of global aluminium industries

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Primary and secondary production of raw aluminium

In 2017, the primary production of raw aluminium in the world added up to 63.4 million tons, in 2000 it was just over 24.5 million tons.

The location of the primary production of raw aluminium changed drastically during the past 20 years, with sharp increase of China’s clout (now representing roughly 57% of the total production), the marked retreat of North America and Europe and the newly acquired importance of the Gulf States. The market share of European countries in the production of primary aluminium went from 30% in 2000 to roughly 12% in 2017, with overall production values of 7.8 million tons in 2017. Only 2.1 million tons have been produced in the EU, or about 3.4% of the global production. About 60% of this production may be referred to just three countries, Germany, France and Spain.

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